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Humankind is struggling under the weight of COVID19

Humankind is struggling under the weight of COVID19 - businesses are stalling, markets are crashing, and panic is afoot. While most people around the world are now working from the comfort of their home or using this time to be with with their loved ones, there are those on the front lines fighting this Frankenstein's monster one day at a time. Doctors and emergency personnel all over the world are overworked, yet continue to perform their duties. The police, and other security forces, are trying to maintain order in this chaotic time, their effectiveness maybe questionable to some but the effort is nonetheless visible. Governments seem to be working around the clock to take measures to safeguard their citizens, your opinions may differ depending on where you are and what your perspective on the matter is. Needless to say, tough choices are being made - which ones are right and which ones are wrong will be judged only in hindsight.I believe all jobs to be thankless to one degree or another. A seafarer's is perhaps more so, maybe because the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" applies more aptly to us than others. Working behind the scenes to keep the wheel of world trade turning is massive undertaking, and the manpower involved will surprise you. Yes, the money is arguably good, and sometimes the perks are even better. People feel seafarers get to see the world. Truth be told, these notions are highly romanticized. The grass is apparently always greener on the other side, but there's no grass here just miles and miles of deep blue water.With the events unfolding across the globe as they are, our jobs have become tougher. While we work beyond the horizon, unseen and unheard from, it is becoming more and more difficult for some of us to operate. I think I'm not wrong when I say that most of our motivation comes from the thought of getting back home after a considerably long stint at sea, hopefully having done our jobs effectively. A considerable number of us spend the better part of a year at sea, at times longer. With the travel restrictions in place now, the time we spend at sea will be longer still - infact this already is the case for some. If you are finding it difficult to stay put within the comfort of your own home, or similar living situations, try putting yourselves in the steel-toed boots of a sailor who was waiting for that one port to return home, but could not. They are still at sea, uncertain when this crisis will be contained and when he or she can finally make that long awaited journey home. Trust me, you'll find these boots to be mighty heavy.Even simple, and frankly infrequent, pleasures of shore leaves are also now eluding us. Restocking on important supplies is also becoming a nightmare for some. Imagine the fatigue of sailing halfway across the world for months, with nothing but water to see outside your window, and then not being able to set foot on solid ground. Even so, we comply because we need to stay safe and healthy to ensure that our fellow crew members don't contract the disease because of our misguided and reckless behaviour. If we can, so can you.Are you finding it difficult to stay put at home and not go outside? Find a reason to do it. Let it be for a loved one, for an old relative, for your political reasons, for prevailing of good sense, or just your good deed for the year. Find a reason to stay home and break this unrelenting chain of infection. Maybe if you stay home and excercise good sense, I (and millions like me) can get home too!Remember, not all heros wear capes. Some wear surgical masks, some wear uniforms, some wear overalls, and some stay home and wear whatever they want. Saving lives has never been as easy as simply staying home. Stay safe, stay healthy. Be part of the solution, not the problem. 


Written by:

Akshat Kumar

Fourth Engineer

Employer: Maersk Line FMT

Instagram handle: sea.citizens



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