PM Modi’s Innovative Banner Reminds People to Stay Home, Wins Praise on Twitter

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Indians at 8 pm today and announced a complete lockdown of the country for the next 21 days, starting 12 am tonight. In his speech, he asked people to follow social distancing and stay inside their homes at all cost.


While praising people who are taking to social media to spread awareness in creative ways, the prime minister also showed a banner that is both simple and informative.


Written in Hindi, the banner breaks down the syllables of ‘corona’ to create the phrase ‘koi road par na nikle’ which roughly translates to ‘no one should be out on the road’. The banner certainly shows the only way ahead in order to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Here’s the image PM Modi showed during his speech:

Union Minister Smriti Irani also shared the image of the banner tweeting that this is the message which we all need to follow for the next 21 days.


The image is circulating online and people have dropped different reactions. While some wrote that they support the lockdown, others appreciated the message convoyed in the banner:


“Impressed. We need to be more regulated more disciplined then only we can fight the pandemic. Good decision. Let us all support and be united in spirit and divided socially now. See all after 21 days,” wrote a Twitter user. “I totally endorse this banner,” wrote another. “Good step,” commented a third. “Yes, this is what we should follow,” wrote a fifth while talking about the banner.

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