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23 FEB 2024



Through the use of commercial satellite imagery and reconstructed statistics on fishing activities, a new report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ (CSIS) showed that China’s activities have caused massive damage to the marine environment in the South China Sea.

According to the report “Deep Blue Scars: Environmental Threats to the South China Sea” by Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) researchers Monica Sato, Harrison Prétat, Tabitha Mallory, Hao Chen and Gregory Poling, Chinese activities have damaged at least 21,000 acres of coral reefs.

This is mainly due to activities such as dredging and landfills to build artificial islands, as well as clam harvesting.

Island building efforts alone have destroyed 6,200 acres of coral reefs, with 75% or 4,500 acres of the damage done by China. Meanwhile, dredging activities by Vietnam damaged 1,500 acres of coral reef, while Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan contributed to about 100 acres of damage.





A Chinese tech security firm, I-Soon, breached foreign governments, social media accounts, and personal computers, as revealed by a massive data leak analyzed by experts. The leaked documents show that I-Soon hackers compromised over a dozen governments, including democracy organizations in Hong Kong, universities, and NATO. The leaked data, posted on GitHub, reveals the maturing nature of China’s cyber espionage ecosystem.

I-Soon breached government offices in India, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea. China's foreign ministry stated it was “not aware” of the case and opposes cyberattacks. The leak contains files showing chatlogs, presentations, and lists of targets, including government departments. Third-party contractors play a significant role in China’s cyber operations, as shown by the leaked documents.





MANILA — Accused by Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder and leader Apollo Quiboloy of conspiring with the US to kill him, President Marcos and First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos appeared unmindful of the religious leader’s rants, opting to have a post-Valentine’s Day date instead.

In his Facebook account, Marcos posted a photo of him and Liza about to have dinner with the caption “Date night for the first couple.”

The First Couple was smiling as they faced each other on the long dining table, which was decorated with flowers and candles. The photo was uploaded on the same day Quiboloy accused them of plotting his assassination and called on the President to step down.

Malacañang has not responded to repeated media requests for reactions to Quiboloy’s allegations.

In a taped audio message released last Wednesday, Quiboloy, a known spiritual adviser to former president Rodrigo Duterte, claimed that his life is in danger and that Marcos and Liza have handed him over to the US government.

Quoting unnamed sources, Quiboloy said US operatives are planning to either kidnap or assassinate him.

Cases have been filed against the religious leader for having used his group for sex trafficking operation – including forcing girls and young women to have sex with him under threats of “eternal damnation.” Quiboloy has denied the accusations.





BAGUIO CITY — Residents of Tuba in Benguet as well as Baguio City are suffering from haze caused by forest fires that have beeng raging since the early part of this month.

Residents have been suffering from the smoke and smell of burning grasses and trees in areas located within the reservation site of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Baguio as well as in Barangay Tabaan and Mt. Sto. Tomas in Tuba.

People living in Sitio Basa at camps 4 and 6 in Tuba are worried about their safety as the fires are drawing closer to their property.

The fire at the PMA reservation site started on Tuesday.

Firefighters, volunteers and community groups have joined hands to control the blaze, which was fanned by winds blowing from the eastern portion of Baguio and Benguet.

The city’s Bureau of Fire Protection said that as of Wednesday, the fires had destroyed 20 hectares of trees and vegetation.

Authorities have yet to declare the fire out as winds kept fanning and rekindling the flames.

Investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the fire at the PMA reservation site.

As of yestreday, bush and forest fires continued to rage in portions of Mt. Sto. Tomas in Tuba.

During the first week of this month, at least two hectares of grasslands and forests were destroyed when a fire broke out on Mt. Sto. Tomas.





Sky Cable on Thursday said its subscribers will have continued access to various ABS-CBN programs and channels.

Subscribers can still watch the Kapamilya Channel, Cinemo, Metro, MYX, Jeepney TV, Teleradyo Serbisyo, ANC and Cinema One, among others.

Sky Cable also said it did not disconnect its cable subscribers last January 26, when it first announced the PLDT-Sky Cable acquisition deal.

The deal, however, did not push through.

According to Sky Cable, subscribers just need to reconnect their box to continue cable access.

Sky Cable will provide free access until March 15, 2024.

"Sky Cable did not disconnect cable subscribers last Jan 26; thus all a subscriber needs to do is reconnect their box and turn it on. They will receive the free cable channels until March 15, 2024. Billing will only continue by March 16, 2024," it said in a statement.





MANILA — The Philippines is closely watching the U.S. presidential race but would view any change in leadership as an opportunity to renew the strengthening alliance between the two countries, Manila’s longtime envoy to Washington said on Thursday.

Security engagements between the defense treaty allies have stepped up considerably under U.S. President Joe Biden and Philippine counterpart Ferdinand Marcos Jr, with both leaders keen to counter what they see as China’s aggressive actions in the South China Sea and near Taiwan.

The Philippines, a former U.S. colony, is Washington’s closest ally in Southeast Asia and its proximity to Taiwan makes it crucial to U.S. efforts to counter a potential invasion by China of the democratic island it views as its own territory.

“The only challenge that we face, especially for us in the embassy in Washington DC, is what happens in November. It’s a concern for every country who would be the next president … everybody is preparing for that,” Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez told Reuters in a video interview.

Biden is likely to face Donald Trump, the Republican frontrunner to be the party’s presidential candidate, in a rematch in November’s presidential election.

“Any change is always something that we welcome,” Romualdez added.

“It gives us an opportunity to renew what we’ve already been saying, that our relationship with the United States is an important one, we value it, and we really hope that this is the same feeling that they have for us.”





MANILA — Despite a protection order granted by the Supreme Court (SC), environmentalists Jonila Castro and Jhed Tamano claimed they are still being subjected to surveillance by state agents.

Castro and Tamano were reportedly seized by the military in Bataan last year.

The activists made the statement after they went to the Court of Appeals (CA) yesterday for the preliminary conference on their petitions for writs of amparo and habeas data, which were granted by the SC.

“As of now, we cannot feel the protection order. We pray the CA will hasten the process. We will follow the proceedings and we hope the CA will side with us, the victims, and give us permanent protection order,” Castro said.

She said they have been experiencing difficulty in the past few months as they felt they were always being tailed and they cannot go home or remain in one place for long periods.

Dino de Leon, counsel for Castro and Tamano, said the preliminary conference was deferred to Feb. 26 as the respondent, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, has yet to submit its position on the writs of amparo and habeas data.

De Leon said testimonies will be heard during the preliminary conference for the issuance of a permanent protection order and the production order for the writs.

The SC has been asked by the Office of the Solicitor General to recall the temporary protection order it granted to Castro and Tamano, saying arrest warrants had been issued against the activists on charges of grave oral defamation.





GUIMARAS — The local government of the island-province of Guimaras is aiming for an eco-friendly tourism development, with special focus on agricultural as well as health and wellness prgrams.

Guimaras takes pride in having more greenery than its neighbor Iloilo, according to provincial boardmember Felipe Nava, chairman of the board’s tourism, history and culture committee.

Nava said the provincial government does not allow entry of major industries as it wants to focus on agricultural and eco-tourism programs.

“We still have more greens – I think that is one of our attractions. The thrust of the local government is to focus on agricultural and eco-tourism… we do not want big industries to come in,” Nava, former governor of Guimaras, said during a lunch prepared for participants of the Winter Escapade Tour program on Wednesday.

Guimaras does not have major beaches, but it has small coves, which makes travel experience for tourists more personal, he said.

The local government wants to make Guimaras a health and wellness hub and attract retirees.

Guimaras is looking forward to the construction of bridges that will link the island-province to its neighbor-islands of Panay and Negros.

The project is in the pipeline of the Department of Public Works and Highways and construction will start next year.





MANILA — Some flights at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport were delayed yesterday after a C-130 plane of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) was stalled at the NAIA’s Taxiway Charlie 6.

Procedures in the recovery of the disabled aircraft were undertaken by the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA)’s emergency and operations teams in coordination with the PAF.

Both international and domestic runways of the NAIA remained open while recovery efforts were ongoing.

According to the MIAA, the aircraft carried 34 passengers and seven crew members.

Immediate disembarkation was conducted and passengers were transported by a ramp bus from the site to a nearby holding area. All passengers and crew are safe, the MIAA said.

The grounded aircraft has been towed and parked at Remote Parking Bay 24 at the NAIA Terminal 1.

“Mopping-up operations at the site of the incident are being done to ensure no presence of FODs prior to declaring it safe for aircraft use,” the MIAA said.





MANILA — A group of hog farmers will attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most number of pork dishes on display, which will be served during the organization’s festival in Quezon City and Marikina from March 1 to 5.

National Federation of Hog Farmers Inc. (NatFed) vice president Alfred Ng said the first three days of the festival would take place at Novotel Hotel and Gateway Mall in Cubao.

The culminating event, with a Backyard Congress, will be held at the Marikina Convention Center on March 5.

“Our organization aims to promote the interests of the agriculture sector by promoting food security and safety. With the hog festival, we also hope to boost Philippine tourism by highlighting our rich culinary tradition of serving pork dishes,” Ng said.

He said through the festival, hog producers would be able to tie up with institutional markets such as restaurants and hotels to lessen their dependence on imported pork.

“The initiative will also promote Quezon City as a food tourism destination, serving sumptuous and unique pork dishes,” Ng said.

Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura executive director and NatFed consultant Jayson Cainglet said the move would be replicated all over the country.

Quezon City Business Permits and Licensing Department head Margie Santos lauded the hog farmers for initiating the project to help boost the local pork industry.









MANILA — Over 700 University of Santo Tomas alumni yesterday signed a petition calling on the UST administration for accountability and to end campus repression.

In a statement posted on website, Thomasian alumni emphasized the responsibility of an educational community to uphold the life, dignity and freedom of students and other school members.

UST drew flak after its Office of Student Affairs ordered TomasinoWeb, the university’s publication, to take down a photograph of students wearing their Type B uniform.

The alumni said the decision to censor TomasinoWeb and the threat to dissolve the organization “are violations of the students’ constitutional rights.”

“It is an encroachment on the constitutionally enshrined rights of students,” they said.

The alumni said the incident was an indication of a larger problem within UST, stemming from a history of campus repression.

Thomasian alumni said despite calls for reforms, the UST administration has failed to address underlying issues, perpetuating a climate of fear and arbitrary policy enforcement.

They said the uproar surrounding TomasinoWeb’s situation highlights UST’s failure to prioritize and respect students’ rights.

“We assert that there should be no space in the university for people without competence to properly handle organizations, show compassion for the welfare of students and commitment to ensure that UST is a space where students’ democratic rights are protected and upheld,” the petition read.





MANILA — Three suspected NPA guerrillas, including a woman, were killed in separate encounters in Escalante City, Negros Occidental. The first encounter in Barangay Pinapugasan on Wednesday wounded four security forces members. Troopers recovered two rifles, a pistol, grenades, explosives, phones, backpacks, and documents.

Combat operations were launched by the 79th Infantry Battalion after reports of armed extortion in the village. Another firefight occurred three hours later and another at 6 a.m. the next day. The group seemed to stay to protect their wounded. Maj. Gen. Marion Sison reiterated a call for the remaining NPA guerrillas to surrender and avoid battles.





MANILA — Up to 131 online scammers were arrested across the country in the past two years of the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s intensified drive against cybercriminals.

Maj. Gen. Sidney Hernia, anti-cybercrime group (ACG) director, said 66 of the scammers rounded up from 2022 to 2023 were apprehended in entrapment operations.

The other 65 persons, he added, were apprehended based on warrants of arrest issued by various courts.

The ACG also filed 284 cases for swindling or estafa in relation to Republic Act 10175, or the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

President Marcos recently ordered the PNP to adapt and effectively respond to cyber threats.

Hernia noted that online scams are an evolving threat in the digital age wherein perpetrators use email, social media and other online platforms to get to their victims.

Among the challenges the police faced in going after cyber criminals and scammers is their ability to use fictitious accounts and identities, making them hard to identify.

Responding to the challenges, the ACG is employing sophisticated techniques and collaborating with stakeholders to trace, apprehend and prosecute suspects.

“While the allure of quick financial gain may seem tempting, the reality is that online scams not only harm innocent victims but also carry severe legal consequences,” he said, as he warned online scammers to stop their nefarious activities as the ACG would not stop until they are put in jail.





BACOLOD CITY — The province of Negros Oriental is opening its borders to hog raisers and traders to revive its pork industry, which has been battered by African swine fever (ASF).

Gov. Manuel Sagarbarria issued Executive Order 10 on Wednesday, allowing the transport and movement of live pigs, pork products and by-products around the province.

He expressed confidence that the lifting of the ban would boost businesses and contribute to cost-effective market economy.

“The ASF outbreak had resulted in the culling of more than 300,000 pigs, causing a decline of up to 20.8 percent in pork production,” the provincial government said in a statement.

The outbreak affected not only hog raisers, but also consumers as pork prices soared due to lack of supply.








MANILA -- The Filipino crowd in Hong Kong was a big boost for Gilas Pilipinas as they defeated the hometown team on Thursday night, Philippine team head coach Tim Cone said.

Gilas steamrolled Hong Kong, 94-64, in the Nationals’ first game of the FIBA Asia Cup Qualifiers.

Despite playing in Hong Kong, there was a big Philippine crowd.

And, up huge in the fourth quarter, there were chants of “Uwian na! (Let’s go home!)"

After the game, Cone told reporters that having the crowd even in hostile territories is a “big advantage” that Gilas has over other teams.

“No matter where we play there’s always a crowd that’s gonna be there behind us and cheering,” the coach said.

“We know that they have to spend their hard-earned money to watch the game and so we truly appreciate them there. I think they were the reason why we came out there in the second half, made a couple of nice plays,” he added.

Leading by just four, 41-37, at the half, Gilas started to heat up in the third quarter as they took a massive 71-46 lead heading into the final quarter.

As the shots came pouring in, the Philippine crowd would not stop cheering.

This then resulted in some big plays, including a reverse alley-oop finish by big man Kai Sotto, big 3-pointers and a block by Scottie Thompson.

“They really got cheering hard and it kinda lifted our spirits and got some momentum and that kind of keyed our runaway there in the third quarter,” Cone said.

Kevin Quiambao, who had nine points in the fourth quarter to finish with 15 markers, expressed his appreciation to the fans for the support.

“Super appreciated they go out here to support us. Good thing we got the win for them, the OFWs that work here.”

It was a beautiful display of basketball for Gilas as the whole team assisted on 33 of their 37 made field goals.

While they made just nine of their 25 3-pointers, they were able to make 28-of-54 shots from inside the arc.

The Nationals will try to build on the momentum of their first win as they face Chinese Taipei on Sunday, February 25, at the Philsports Arena in Pasig City.





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