Gas Leaked From Korean LPG Tanker In Bohai Sea, China

Liquefied gas leaked from Korean LPG tanker NO.5 SJ GAS in the morning Jan 12 at Dongying Anchorage, Shandong Province, China, Bohai sea. The ship loaded with 1850 tons of LPG was anchored since Jan 11, after completion of cargo operations at Dongying.

Gas leaked through faulty valve. Tanker according to track, has been moved further off to sea, away from other tankers, 3 nm safety zone was established around the ship.

Gas leaked from LPG tanker, China, Bohai sea

Tanker is manned with 15 crew, understood they remained on board. As of morning Jan 13, tanker was in the same position, with tug on a standby.


UPDATE: Tanker arrived at Dongying from Korea with cargo of LPG, faulty valve was detected during berthing at port, Master notified authorities and asked for anchorage, to fix the valve. Tanker was taken to anchorage, where gas leak occurrded in the morning Jan 12. Gas concentration on and around tanker is said to be below explosion level.

Source:- FleetMon

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