Brazilian cocaine with Russian emblem

11 persons, part of drug trafficking ring, were arrested, 9 of them in Rio, during large-scale anti drug operation in Brazil, more arrests are coming, with 40 arrest and search warrants being already issued.

Operation was focused on maritime drugs trafficking, by means of containers, bound for Europe. Criminals called the scheme “rip-off”, it demanded complicit stevedores on board.

Small boat with drugs approached berthed container ship, drugs were hoisted by stevedores and placed into specific, previously selected, containers. The shippers and consignees weren’t aware of contraband, at least the police found no evidence pointing at them, so far.

What’s curious, is the photo with confiscated cocaine packs, provided by the police. Photo was published on Oct 10, after the police caught 4 criminals on board of container ship during drug bust, 2 of them being stevedores.

Packs on photo are labeled with symbol of ruling Russian Party, Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia), portraying a bear, with Russian Banner in the background.

Source: Maritime Bulletin


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