Captain Violated Fuel Standards

The French Court is suing Captain of a cruise ship AZURA, he’s to appear in criminal court for violating fuel standards during ship’s stopover in Marseilles in Mar 29 this year.

The ship used heavy fuel oil with 1.68% of sulfur, exceeding 1.5% limit. He’s to be arrested when AZURA will call French port next time, it’s June 1, according to Azura Itineraries 2018.

He’ll face a one-year imprisonment plus 200,000 euro fine. He already admitted his “crime”. The environmentalists are thrilled with the perspective.

The EU States welcome mass alien invasion, conveniently called “migrants rescue”. The EU allows them to roam around doing nothing, and pays them for being parasites. NGOs are actively sabotaging shipping, economy and public safety with their “migrant rescue” and “environment protection”, and they’re very well paid for it. Hard-working honest seamen are subject for criminal persecution, because they “pollute” the EU atmosphere by using “wrong” fuel.

Those who work, who keep economy and public alive and well, those who produce things without which we’ll all die or return to caves, are under constant pressure, constant suspicion, and they’re treated as potential criminals. But real criminals are well-paid and praised by major media, as modern heroes.
Marseilles meanwhile, somehow survived Black Death brought by AZURA exhaustion, no mass funerals reported so far.

Cruise ship AZURA, IMO 9424883, GT 115055, built 2010, flag Bermuda, operator P&O Cruises, capacity 3597, crew 1226.

SOURCE: Maritime Bulletin

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