Cruise Failed To Stop, Causing Damage

Days after Bulk Carrier collides with a historic mansion, another CRUISE company MSC Cruises faces a dramatic turn of events.

The cruise ship, MSC Armonia, 59,000 ton ship was heading towards the Carribean when the unexpected occurred.

It is known that the ship deviated from its course and plunged its bow into the dock in Honduras on Tuesday morning causing damage to property.


The cruise was heading into Port Coxen Hole on the island of Roatán when it failed to slow down to a stop and crashed into the dock before running aground on the beach.


Witnesses standing alongside were shocked to notice the structure of the docks getting crushed under the mighty ship.


The investigation is still in progress to understand why the Cruise deviated from its course and why couldn’t the ship be brought to halt before it hit the docks.


The crew struggled to lower the speed of the ship as they realized it was travelling fast towards the docks.


In the attempt to lower speed, 2 anchors were also dropped but in vain to get the mighty Cruise to a halt.


“This accident neither caused harm to guests and crew onboard nor caused any impact to the environment.’’ added MSC.


The damaged inflicted to the cruise was minor and the cruise has also been cleared by Honduran Port State Control authorities to schedule back on its journey as soon as the necessary repairs are completed.

“At the present time, ship personnel and external experts are still at work to complete such repairs.”


MSC’s statement further confirmed that passengers were not affected by the incident, and that the MSC Armonia has already left for its next port of call in Belize on Wednesday morning.



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