Kerala sailor goes missing off Mauritius coast

Ashwin Kumar Hari, a 24-year-old sailor hailing from Kerala, went missing within just a few weeks into the sea.

Ashwin was working as a Trainee Electrical Officer on an LPG tanker — MV Shahrastani — and was on board for three weeks. The ship was managed by the Anglo-Eastern Company Ltd. based in Mumbai. Ashwin’s parents have requested the Union government to probe into the matter.

He was recruited from Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Institute and joined duty on March 6 from Shenzen, China.

His parents also claimed that they were in touch with Ashwin till March 28, 2018, through WhatsApp and IMO. Ashwin’s parents also said that on March 29, the officials visited their home and informed that Ashwin has reportedly gone missing.

According to the company, Ashwin had gone missing since 2000 LT on March 29, 2018, while the ship was at sea off the Mauritius coast. The company also said that the search operation for Ashwin is still being carried out.

KS Harikumar and Sandhya Harikumar, Ashwin’s parents, have filed a petition against Anglo Eastern Company Ltd. as they suspect foul play in the incident. They have asked the government to obtain Simple Voyage Data Recorder (SVDR) report of the vessel and investigate the matter further.

Ashwin’s parents, in their petition, mentioned that Anglo Eastern company’s letter said that Ashwin was last seen by the crew at 2000 LT when he was going to read manuals in the Engine Control Room (ECR).

They mentioned that MV Shahrastani, the ship he was on board, is an Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS), which means after the day operation, the engine room would be unmanned in the Wheelhouse Control Unit until or unless there is a case of an emergency or the duty engineer carry out inspection round.

Ashwin’s parents are also sceptical about the date and time provided by the company.


According to previous reports, a 23-year-old cadet hailing from Kerala on board a container ship went missing in April 2009 as well.

Febin James, the missing youth hailing from Alappuzha district, was also working with Anglo-Eastern Ship Management India Pvt Ltd., the same company that Ashwin was recruited for.

Febin went missing around 1800 hours local time when the ship Pearl of Panama Flag (MV ACX) was sailing from Colombo to Singapore.

However, this is the second time that a sailor from a vessel has gone missing under inexplicable circumstances and what comes as a shock is that both were recruited by the same company.

The police have filed an FIR for Ashwin’s case and his parents and friends are trying to get the attention of the Centre.

SOURCE: India Today

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